IPL and Laser Treatments

Rejuvenate your Skin

Anti-aging laser treatments are quickly becoming the most sought after types of aesthetic treatments. These are such popular treatments because they are effective, safe and reliable. These types of laser treatments can treat fine wrinkles, reduce pore size and they also can improves skin’s tone and texture.

Laser treatments can help counteract the environmental damage that makes skin look older. At Serene Medical Aesthetics, we offer IPL Laser treatments, often called non-ablative and photo facials.

IPL Photofacials:  $275  Are great for treating sun damage, freckles, lines, broken capillaries and redness. More than one treatment may be necessary.

Laser Facials: $150 A wonderful way to decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scarring while improving skin tone and stimulating collagen. Perfect to do right before a big event or special night to get that red carpet glow.

*Afterwards some patients notice mild swelling or redness. There may also be a temporary darkening of pigmented areas. Usually a few sessions are needed for optimal results.

Why rejuvenate your skin with a Non Ablative Skin Rejuvenating  Laser treatment or a Photofacial?

Well-being: These minimally invasive laser treatments can help make you feel better and look younger.

Painless: Unassisted this laser treatment can be mildly uncomfortable. If pain is a factor for you, our anesthetist can make sure you are completely comfortable.

Reliability: Most patients see an improvement after just a few treatments.

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