Tattoo Removal

Erase tattoo regret… Painlessly with laser tattoo removal

In addition to standard tattoo removal sessions Serene Medical Aesthetics offers the R20 method of tattoo removal in Tacoma. (The R in R20 stands for repeating, and the 20 stands for the 20 minute break between treatments). As an effective removal procedure for tattoo ink, this procedure can be very painful. At Serene Medical Aesthetics, our anesthetist can make you completely comfortable during this otherwise painful procedure. We offer managed pain relief options during your laser tattoo removal treatments.

The R20 style of tattoo removal does utilize the same type of laser as traditional tattoo removal procedures, but it becomes a more effective removal treatment because it incorporates up to 4 treatments in one session. Traditionally, you would have had to endure 4 separate painful sessions. At Serene, while we medically alleviate the pain associated with this treatment, we can combine up to 4 treatments together separated by short 20 minute rest. This rest between treatments to allow the nitrogen bubbles to dissipate before the next treatment is applied. The end result is that you achieve your results faster, and you were comfortable the whole time.

Our laser procedure is also less harmful to the surrounding skin which makes the healing process quicker. It is also effective on any type of skin color.

Serene Medical Aesthetics can also remove the green and blue ink in tattoos. In general, black tattoo ink is the easiest color to remove, while green and blue ink is the most difficult color ink to remove. The greens and blues are more effectively removed with a Ruby laser. Serene Medical Aesthetics is the only place in the Tacoma area that you can find this type of laser.

Our Laser’s Tattoo Removal Results:


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Small – $175 per treatment
Treatment area is the size of a poker chip

Medium – $225 per treatment
Treatment area is the size of a playing card

Large –$275 per treatment
Treatment area is the size of CD

Extra Large – $325 per treatment
Treatment area is the size of a 8×10 sheet of paper



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